Light As A Medium - Sensory Light - Progress

My focus has shifted for this project in the past couple of weeks, and I am now focusing on creating a piece that represents the specific sensory experience of smelling wild ferns in the warm sun. I have yet to settle on every detail of the final design, but the basic concept is a piece which creates an abstract fern type shape out of fog, which is then illuminated by a projector to bring the amorphous shape to life.


Most of this past week I have spent exploring materials and general forms for the piece. I initially thought I would generate the fog using an ultrasonic fog device, like those used in aquariums and Halloween decorations. However, after experimenting with this device in a few different ways I was not convinced that I would be able to generate enough fog to make the whole project work.


Instead what I am currently exploring is using a vape cartridge filled with fog machine fluid and attached to a fish tank air pump. This is a technique I have learned is popular among cosplayers in designing dynamic costumes, and there are a surprising number of tutorials available exploring this method. I am still in the process of getting this whole device to work, but I am optimistic that it will be the perfect solution for my design.


In regards to creating a shape out of the fog, I am planning on making a geometric shape out of clear acrylic that will channel the fog outward into a fern-like shape. Hopefully, this will allow the acrylic to largely disappear when the projector is lit. This week I make a paper prototype of this shape to get an idea of how I imagine it will come together. Ideally, these three tiers will actually be hung so the piece can be presented as somewhat of a mobile.