Art Toys - Beginning the Final Fabrication

Having settled now not only on my final toy concept but also the workflow for completing them, this week I completed the first step of that process - making the mold.


This week I spent absolutely too much time scouring discount stores across the city looking for the goofiest, cheapest knockoff action figure to use as the original for my mold. But it wasn’t until I wandered on a whim into the children’s department store Cookies that I found the perfect “wrestling man” that I have decided to use.


Because I intend to have some of my figures with missing or discolored arms, I unceremoniously de-limbed my figure before mounting him inside of a mold case I built out of foam-core. His arms each got their own small mold cup as well.

What followed was the messy and prolonged process of mixing and pouring the silicone, with the results to be determined. However, I am optimistic and am looking forward to beginning the process of actually casting the resin figures this week!

Stefan SkripakComment