Art Toys - Rough Model and Final Concept


In the past few days I have solidified the concept for my toy series, and while this model above is based off of my earlier drawings, it still offers some insight into my planned final design. What I intent to ultimately do is make a series of action figures all based off of the same mold of some bootleg super hero. Each of these figures will have some sort of exaggerated deformity inspired by actual damage that can occur to action figures as they get older or have been left on a shelf for a long time. The figures themselves will look cheap and beat up, but will be in nice packaging that advertises them as heroes whose power is derived from the deformity they display.

This initial model generally fits within this concept - “Mold Man” has grown some weird mold on him and will ultimately just look gross. But the flashy packaging will advertise him as an unstoppable, mold-powered hero.


The process of developing this model began in the back of a cavernous discount store in bed-stuy, where I found a pack of incredible bootleg action figures on the highest shelf. The character I chose to build off of is perfect because it is both very strange and incredibly generic.

In order to create a bit more emotion in the model’s pose, I cut off the head and legs and then glued them back on in a way that twisted the torso and tilted the head. I then molded sculpy around the figure in specific places to create the blobby mold, baked it, and then glued it into the figure. I finally finished it with a coat of acrylic paint.

Additionally, to begin thinking about the packaging, which is a crucial part of the design, I made a simple mock up of the figure’s board in the style of many of the popular “bootleg” art toy makers like Sucklord, Healeymade and KillerBootlegs .

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