Homemade Hardware - Final Project Proposal

A few weeks ago I made the first version of my product idea The Computer Wellness Stone, and I have been looking for an excuse to improve on the design and functionality. The two main issues were that the electronics did not end up fitting inside, and the capacitive touch was a bit finicky. Making use of a custom PCB with the correct drivers and circuits should solve these problems as well as give me an opportunity to further experiment with the cement texture and shape. The main functionalities I will need in my PCB are: USB keyboard functionality, the ability to drive a vibration motor, and capacitive touch input. I plan to achieve this using these components:

  • ATSAMD11C14 to run the code and communicate via USB with the computer

  • AT42QT1010 Capacitive Touch Input to sense when I am touching the device

  • Transistor to control the vibration motor

  • Diode for the motor