Quantified Humanists - Assignment 4: Data Selfie App

02 25 2019

Assignment 4: Data Selfie App, Link to Assignment

Working off of the template for the Data Selfie app that Joey offered us this week, I made a few tweaks to visually make it my own in addition to attempted to add a bit more functionality and informational context to the application.

The most obvious change was my updated color scheme. This was fairly straightforward since the HTML contained the colors by name, so I simply went in and changed them to something new. Unfortunately I was disappointed to find that in this particular application, not every “HTML ready” color seemed to work. I’m sure there is a specific reason for this but I wasn’t able to figure out what it was.

In terms of making the functionality a bit more tailored to my own life, I decided to focus on my daily outfits. I occasionally like to make an effort to put together clothes that look good together, and so I used my basic p5 DOM knowledge as well as some simple HTML to add a slider the value of which would be updated in real time within a statement declaring that I was rating my outfit the slider value out of 10. And to provide a bit of context to that information, I used a series of simple if statements in the index.js file to contextualize the location data and write out if I was at my own apartment when the photo was taken, my girlfriends apartment, or somewhere else. I felt this was relevant because if I am taking the picture at my girlfriends place I assumed I had just thrown some clothes in my backpack on the way over there so I imagined that the pictures taken there would have lower ratings.

While obviously my data is a bit erratic, I was still able to realize something interesting from the data set I collected - in general my outfits at home were actually much worse on average. This was because while I was at home, I tended to just be in my “bumming around the house” clothes, while the times I took pics at my girlfriends place I had put more thought into my look because I had to leave my house to get there.

I only ran into one real unsolvable puzzle in this process. For some reason, there seems to be no discernible order to the selfie submissions when they are displayed on the “My Logs” page. I am not sure why that is, and it is a question I will hopefully be able to solve in the future.

In addition to getting this example up and running, I also worked through Joey’s extensive tutorial on setting up an Express framework. These two activities in tandem have led to me having a tentatively better sense of how full stack programming comes together, which is very exciting!