Light As A Medium - Artist's Statement

“While my artwork is varied in scale, medium and surface-level topic, beneath this it is all unified by my creative desire to investigate and complicate the seeming effortlessness of contemporary consumer technology as well as human relationships and interactions with it. My work is physical and tangible. and this often manifests in work that makes use of texture and tactile feedback to call attention to the ways so many contemporary technologies have just become smooth, mono-sensory displays. Having grown up spending many weeks a year in the wilderness of the Adirondacks, other examples of my work exist at the intersection of technology and nature. On one hand the organic and unpredictable reality of natural materials softens and mediates the hard, predictable edges of contemporary technology. On the other hand, I also make use of the contradictions of this blend of aesthetics to draw attention to the not-so-subtle impacts the unstoppable march of technological progress is having on the ecology of our planet.”