Quantified Humanists - Assignment #1.1: Personal Data Download

SPRING 2019 
01 31 2019

Assignment #1.1: Personal Data Download, Link to Assignment

These are the various sources of data I collected for this weeks analysis:


  • Notes: I haven’t actively browsed on Facebook for at least a year, so this data will likely be more valuable for looking at my behavior when I was younger

  • Worth Exploring: I am most interested in the advertising information that facebook has synthesized regarding my predilections and interests.


  • Notes: Definitely my most used social media app. I use it much more for looking at content produced not by my friends but by artists and creative brands. I also post fairly irregularly.

  • Worth Exploring: I am particularly interested in whether it will be possible to categorize my aesthetic interests based on who I follow and what posts I have liked.


  • Notes: I have only paid for Spotify for about 6 months but already I am impressed by the suggestions offered by the Spotify algorithms.

  • Worth Exploring: I definitely will want to look more explicitly at the interests that Spotify has identified for me.

Gmail (2 Accounts)

  • Notes: I essentially have one spam and one personal work email account. However they are both such a mess and so flooded with spam that the thought of digging into them is ver anxiety-inducing.

Google Maps

  • Notes: I have had my location history turned on for a few years now and should be an interesting data source.

  • Worth Exploring: I will be excited to see what patterns or visualizations will be possible using this extensive data set. In particular I will want to look at both vacations as well as the many locations I visited for work while operating as a freelancer in the film industry.


  • Notes: I’m not convinced there is going to be much here, I nearly exclusively use Lyft just to get to and from my or my girlfriend’s apartment.


  • Notes: This feels like a substitute for the data from my checking account and credit card, which which would certainly be more informative but it almost felt TOO invasive to include, even in my own personal analysis.


  • Notes: I think it is safe to say that a large majority of the non-food purchases I have made in the last few years have been via Amazon.

  • Worth Exploring: As a result of this my Amazon purchases will hopefully highlight some of my spending patterns.

Apple Health

  • Notes: I rely heavily on the Apple Health step tracking to see my level of activity day to day.

  • Worth Exploring: While I think the absolute accuracy of this tool may be a bit suspect, I think the relative data could offer some interesting insights.