Physical Computing - Week 3 - Strength Test Prank


For my project this week I wanted to create a simple twist on the traditional ‘Test-Your-Strength' carnival game, like you can see here.

My version is a bit more simple, and really is just a test of thumb strength. By pressing in the input area, one to five LEDs light up according to the strength of your thumb. The twist however is that my game is rigged. Hidden behind the flashing lights is a secret button, and only when that button is pressed is it even possible to light all 5 LEDs. If that button is unpressed, no matter how hard you push with your thumb, you will only be able to light up a single LED.

The process of building this piece was fairly straightforward. The code is built around an if/else statement; if the button is pressed, the pressure value from the force sensor is mapped from 0-5, and if it is not pressed the same values are mapped from 0-2. Then a second if/else statement lights up the correct LEDs based on the mapped number output from the first statement.

I then first tested the wiring on a breadboard before wiring everything up within the final structure which is made simply of cardboard and hot glue.

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