ICM - Week 3 - Cloud View



My inspiration this week came from a very random source: a off-handed post by a medium-level famous instagram celebrity (of all places). It is a still from an anime of some kind, though I don’t actually even know which one. Nonetheless I was struck at the time that I saw it by how strong of a mood it conveys, and I decided that I wanted to create somewhat of a procedurally generated, animated version of the image.


I decided that in order to do this I would create a large “window” behind which magic hour clouds would gently roll past. I decided I wanted these clouds to be randomly generated, and as I thought about this more I was inspired by an installation I recently saw by the artist Jacob Hashimoto called The Eclipse. He used a vast collection of identical circular paper kites to create a sweeping cloud-like shape.

In response to this, I created a for loop which generated a series of identical circles all a random X and Y value away from one central point. These values are placed in an array during setup. However through experimentation I realized that making the size of the circles also random would make a more realistic cloud shape. That is what is below.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 2.28.23 PM.png

As the code is now written, three clouds move slowly from left to right until they reach a certain point off the screen. Then an if statement is triggered and the clouds reset to the left of the screen and a random Y value. The arrays of random X and Y coordinates for each circle in the cloud are also regenerated, insuring that no two clouds are the same.

A future version of this would allow for a random number of clouds to be visible at once, rather than being restricted to the three that are allowed by the variables in this version. I would even like to be able to create button that generates a new cloud every time it is clicked, but that was not something I was successfully able to do in this iteration.

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