Physical Computing - Week 2 - Skee Ball

The germ for my idea this week came initially from a desire to do something related to sports. I thought it might be fun to create a switch that turned on a light when a goal was scored, but in the interest of simplicity this turned into more of a simulation of a golf hole, and then once it started coming together, in practicality it really just became a simple, skee-ball-style arcade game.

The circuit is a fairly simple one that did not even require an Arduino and as a result I did not run into any real challenges in the construction process. The switch itself is just the hole which has one piece of aluminum foil around the rim and another on the bottom. They are connected when the aluminum-covered ball falls into the hole, touching both.


The enclose is simply made of cardboard cut and hot glued together, with aluminum foil acting as the conductor in the hole.

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