ICM - Week 1 - Computation and Me

I have come to believe that computation is, for me, the best tool for creating experiences that are emotional, entertaining and enveloping (the three E’s…?). And I think it is worth noting that I imagine my desire for this category of work is a hold-over from my time making popular movies and commercials.  I have often been drawn to the artists and collectives making work that fits in these categories, and only recently has it occurred to me that I could be making work like that myself.

I am inspired by work like the projects being done by Team Lab combining projected, computational images and physical room scale installations.

Also a strong inspiration for me is the ephemeral installations of Pipilotti Rist that seem to transport the viewer to a dreamscape of computer controlled lights and video. Both of these artists make work that not only is beautiful but elicits an enjoyable, emotional reaction as you view and are surrounded by it. And, possibly not by coincidence, both of these creators are also making work that feels organic and natural, despite its digital origin.

As I mentioned I also strive for an entertainment factor in my work, and so I am also drawn to digital, physical work that you could say is less ‘arty’. This includes things like flashy store displays, the newest cutting-edge arcade game cabinets and more commercial installations by companies like Future Colossal and Local Projects.  While I am inspired by many things, it is this kind of more light-hearted, entertainment-first work that I see myself doing further into the future more than anything else.

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