Animation - AE Project - "Friends Forever..."

The assignment for this project was to create an animation using 2D assets within a 3D space created in After Effects. My partner Veronica and I found that we both were feeling drawn to two particular ideas for this project: visually we were interested in creating some sort of beautiful underwater oceanic imagery, and thematically we wanted to tell a story that had some sort of morality to share. After discussing various undersea animals that could feasibly act as our main character, as soon as we settled on the tragic friendship of a jellyfish and a plastic bag our narrative sprang to life fairly easily.

There was obviously a bit of a learning curve when working in After Effects for the first time, but ultimately I found the process very inspiring. Coming from a film background the possibilities of doing camera work and lighting all digitally feels like an opportunity for endless possibilities and I am looking forward to playing with it more in the future.