Animation - Unreal Project - "Scared Detective"

As soon as I opened up Adobe Fuse I knew right away that I would have to test the limits of what it would be possible to make. One of my favorite pieces of media (really of any kind) is a web series called Monster Factory in which the two hosts go into video games with character creators and do their very best to make the most bizarre and deformed characters possible. Their unofficial motto is “no middle sliders” and I did my best to channel that mentality.

When we first started working in Unreal, I decided to make somewhat of a desert landscape with a modern and angular house in the middle of it. I liked what I had come up with so much that I decided to keep it as the setting for my movie. At first I wasn’t sure what I wanted the subject of my vignette to be, but I knew it would be fun to do something that played around with the possibilities of unrealistic scale. I also knew that I would want to do something pretty absurd considering how ridiculous my character looked and it was at that point that I realized how much my character reminded me of a creature from the videos by the collective Cool 3D World. Their work is so weird and funny and dark and I channeled that vibe into the story of my weird detective cowering from a giant, omniscient version of themself.

Really the only snag I encountered in this process was that I was unable to successfully get my video capture to work within Unreal. Every time I attempted to export my sequence it would simply create a static video of my landscape sans any building or character objects. So I simply used screen capture instead to export the video I had made.