Physical Computing - Week 8 - Initial Final Project Ideas

My initial thoughts on my final project have not resulted in any specific ideas yet, but they definitely have fallen into two categories which happen to be basically just my two main artistic/visual interests.

On one hand I am interested in making something which has a vintage, analog feel to it. In particular, I would love to make some sort of arcade-type game, but where the controls influence physical objects moving in space using motors and such rather than images on a screen. I am feeling inspired both by Anh Nguyen’s Happy Feedback Machine as well as board games I grew up playing like Mouse Trap.

On the other hand I am continually interested in using technology to make things that feel natural or organic, and visually I find beautiful art that has a combination of natural and technological elements. Some of the ideas I am toying with for this are more abstract, but are inspired largely by photographs I have taken and places I have been. In this vein I think it could be cool to make something that involves actual live natural elements like plants or grass. This could manifest in something related to this product Midi Sprout based on the conductance of plants, or take a more sculptural form (but obviously on a smaller scale) like the work in the photo below by Maya Lin.

Another way in which I could explore this idea of nature and tech could be through a project inspired somewhat by the ruins as well as crystal clear Mediterranean waters of Greece. I was just there this past summer and have not stopped thinking about either of those aspects of the country. So maybe my project either takes abstract inspiration by the blue waves, or it could be some sort of ‘found’ artifact that has some subtle interactions based on how a user holds/presses/rubs it.

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