Physical Computing - Week 4 - Glowing Creature

This week I wanted to make something simple and a bit more abstract, and I chose as well to make use of our new knowledge about servo motors. I also have had a bundle of blue, pre-wired LEDs for a bit that I was interested in incorporating somehow, and all of those things thrown together with some inspiration from the Avatar movies led me to create the little guy that I ended up with.

The set-up ended up being a fairly simple one; there is a photoresistor which reads ‘how close’ my hand is (obviously it is actually reading the changing light values). Then these values are inversely mapped to the position of the servo from about 5 to 45 degrees, making the little guy move up and down. Also to combat the issue of changing conditions as we have talked about a few times in class, when the program first initializes it takes a one-time light reading which is then used as a baseline to calculate the range which will effect the servo motion.

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 9.53.49 PM.png