Visual Language - Week 6 - Business Card


The design of my business card grew out of a desire to represent my interests in both retro tech as well as nature and the beauty of natural landscapes. I discovered a trove of beautiful landscapes online rendered in faux 8-bit graphics, and this then steered me towards an aesthetic drawn from vintage video games. This week also offered another opportunity for me to make use of a technique I am very fond of; the full commitment to pretending/representing an object or design as something that it is not. For example, last week it was through the use of a ‘hyperlink’ printed onto the ITP show poster, and this week I have done it by making my business card look like a CRT TV.

You can see above both one of the images I used as a backdrop for my card as well as an inspiration for the ‘menu’ that appears on the back. I specifically wanted my ‘menu’ to be an options menu because it represents the different options for getting in touch with me or seeing my work.