Visual Language - Week 5 - ITP Winter Show Card


I wanted to create something that felt fresh for my version of the Winter Show poster, so I adopted some of the stylings of the ‘anti-design’ aesthetic of brutalist websites. Here are three examples on particular designs which had a particular influence on what I ultimately created (including ITP’s own Adjacent Magazine).

Part of this particular aesthetic is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek, light-hearted approach to text, and so I played around with a few ways of writing out a sentence that would both be intriguing to someone passing by as well as playful twist of the specific wording of the design brief. Then I did a quick sketch where I tried out a few layouts combining this text with overlapping computer windows and over-sized highlighting.


The text at the bottom was inspired by the hyperlinks at the bottom of a Wikipedia article (Wikipedia arguably being up there with Craigslist as one of the early inspirations for brutalist web designers). I have always enjoyed the idea of a design that subverted expectations regarding the hierarchy of information, not unlike the Nike ad I talked about in the second class.

However despite all of this talk of going against traditional design standards, I didn’t abandon them all together. If I was fully committed to the sort of ‘Net Art’ look I would have stuck with more classic red, blue and yellow in addition to black and white. Instead, I chose to use NYU’s exact purple hue as the primary to create a subtle association between the words “ITP and IMA” and the university to which those programs belong. I then found out what the complimentary color would be, and used that as an accent. However I couldn’t resist keeping the ‘link’ at the bottom the traditional, hyperlink blue. And despite the seeming randomness of the elements in the design, I attempted to create a sense of balance despite the lack of symmetry, using the colors, text and spacing in conversation.